What happened to Jerusalem and the Jewish people after the death of the infamous King Nebuchadnezzar II of the Babylonian Empire? He burned the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem in 586 BC and deported thousands to Babylon. Do you know that it was just 47 years later that his empire fell? It was in 539 BC when the last king of Babylon, Belshazzar, saw the writing on the wall. A young Judean, Daniel, was brought in to interpret the writing. He warned the king that his time was up. That same night Belshazzar was killed.


Read the amazing story of how the Persian king, Cyrus the Great, having been influenced by Daniel, issued a decree for the Judeans to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of the Lord. Zerubbabel, the governor (not a king) and Jeshua the High Priest led the people in Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple despite strong opposition.

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