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S.U.V. N: Stories of God's Grace

Dear Partners & Friends, We have found this one person who dreams to preserve one child at a time. Have you found one for the children God has placed around you? Scripture Union had a volunteer, 10 years ago, by the name, Thu (Michelle). She started with cutting crafts, just as many of us did, at the beginning. But this girl, Michelle was cutting those for kids with passion to preserve Christian leaders for the future. She many times told us to affirm what we were doing and sharing her heart with us. Years passed, she had tuberculosis, too serious that she was concluded to die at the age of 21. God saved her and put us all into amazement. But after that, with the nature of her sickness, Michelle found so hard to come back to communities, how much more for ministries. Then Covid occurred, she found herself desiring for things that she has longed many years, it's preserving the next generation, so she started with her local church. They have invited her to lead the next generation ministry of their church. She immediately agreed and then shared 3 perspectives that she wanted to church leadership to embrace if they wanted her to be there: 1) "Discipleship starts from home, please teach your parenting members to do this." She said. 2) "These 40 children are 40 members, it's a small church. Children needs shepherds, not just someone who lecture them on Sunday and keep them quiet. Please send your best teachers to disciple these children." 3) "Teenagers are wild, and we are losing them soon if we keep this pace, please find them a mentor for each teen." As the leadership said yes to her wisdom, the ministry kicked off and flied high. And what put me to tears are pictures of the adults of her church walking along side with each teenager, sharing so much tears and joy of their teenage journey. Our generation needs those like Michelle, don't we? The one who is bringing dreams into reality, and really striving to preserve one child at a time. Thanks for supporting our staff (now) like Michelle to preserve the next godly Christian generation leaders in Vietnam. We are grateful for your partnership! Esther & SU Team. S.U.V. N


All ministries are looking for men and women of peace in different aspects, and it's biblical to expect so. Few years ago, Thanh's group came to our VBS training through Facebook posts. Our team was touched knowing that she and her younger brother, a start-up businessman, had been serving homeless illiterate kids. Over a dinner fellowship we initiated, we grew in loving these young folks, who dedicated their lives for next generation in their local church and denomination, Presbyterian. Oct partnership began. You may call that "God's ordained meetings" because we really feel that way. Thanh is our "woman of peace" - we thought. We did not know God has prepared another young lady under her care for a greater task as a woman of peace. Her name is Nhung. She is a H'mong, tribal girl, loving her people. H'mong has biggest number of populations of ethnic group, not only in Vietnam but also overseas. Through Nhung, our curriculums, were brought to her villages and all villages that their ministries are in. They trained hundreds of teachers every year. And what amazed as is that they translated our books and songs into H'mong and make all kinds of printings and music messages in H'mong! We can't be thankful enough. We can't go this far without this one girl, named Nhung. When she came to us, we did not know that she was the key to open those doors, to bless thousands of children in H'mong villages. Thank God for all of His ordained meetings for as to experience that He has His children everywhere for His purposes, just like He has you for us in these challenging but exciting years. We pray that these fruits would encourage all of us as we are participating in His works different ways with our gifts and opportunities. Glory to Him! Esther Phan & SU Team S.U.V.N

Experience Holy WeekEnd: Come Unravel The Truth

Bunnies! Eggs! Chocolate! These are what come to mind when we hear the word Easter. But do you know the real meaning behind Easter and Jesus? What really happen in those three days? Did Jesus really die on the cross? Join us on a 3-day journey to discover the real reason behind Easter. Grab your friends, family and neighbours to join you on this discovery! Come Unravel The Truth at Holy WeekEnd. Register now at:

SU Vietnam: A Pursuing Ministry

We pursue one life for God because we have a pursuing God. That's something always easy to say than to do. But when we purse one life, we would understand that it is Him, who is pursuing, not us. There had a boy name, Hung, in one of our Online classes. His father's side is a family with many ministers of the gospel, but something happened that made it hard for this 13-year-old boy was that he lost His dad when he was little. Growing up, Hung addicted to games and had a poor performance both in school and at home. His mom prayed and believed only God's Words could change him so when she knew our Online class, she signed up for him but since it was not his will, he reluctantly joined. As a result, his Bible coach and his class suffered. Hung did not do self-study before class, very uncooperative with his sleepy face and negative attitudes. His Bible coach was frustrated after weeks making efforts, almost gave up. After many messages back and forth, she called Hung's mom and encouraged her not to be sad if she could not do anything else. But listening to the mother's heart; she was touched and motived to try again but again nothing changed. Hung clearly showed his attitude against what the class were doing, and even he stopped joining the class. The Bible coach somehow had an impression that Hung was sent to this class for a purpose. So, with his mom's permission, she boldly shared with other parents in the class to pray specially for Hung. God started working in this young man's heart. No longer after that Hung himself told his mom he wanted to be back to the class. It was really a turning point! Growing in God's Word with friends and with the love and care of his mother, Hung now stopped playing game, his study was clearly improved. And we all can tell his improvements in his discoveries and desires for God's Word in the class. We pursue one life for God because we have a pursuing God. That's something hard to do but when we know it is Him who do the pursuit we know we should never lose hope or give up on one life that He is happy to give us.

Thank You Note from SU Council

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support and for volunteering with SU. This attached video is a little thank you gift for your help which you can share with your friends, families and churches to make this CNY a little more meaningful and fun! Blessings, SU Council

Certificate in Practical Children's Ministry 2021 (10th Intake)

Online Weekly Session Schedule: Module One – Children Spiritual Development
16 Feb > Biblical Basis of Children Ministry
23 Feb > Age-Appropriate Learning & What Makes Children Learn
02 Mar > Creative Worship
09 Mar > Discipleship Making

Module Two – Teacher Development & Skills
16 Mar > Growing as a Teacher
23 Mar > Basic Pastoral Care
30 Mar > Teaching to Change Lives
06 Apr > Creative Classroom Management & Discipline
13 Apr > Basic Teaching Engagement

Module Three – Teaching Techniques
20 Apr > Creative Lesson Planning & Basic Practical Teaching Skills
27 Apr > Creative Ways of Scripture Memorization
04 May > Creative Story-telling Techniques
11 May > Using Objects to Teaching Bible Truths
18 May > Games that Teach
25 May > Reaching the Next Generation

Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Fee: Per Topic: $35 per participant
Full fee: $525 per participant Following criteria must be fulfilled by every participant who is pursuing the certificate: · Minimum 80% ‘online’ attendance · Written reflection assignments, only upon request by the trainer · 2-video recordings of your teaching involvement (on ‘Teacher Dev & Skills’ & ‘ Teaching Techniques’) · Compulsory online attendance, Orientation on 16 February’21, at 7.00pm · Confirmation of registration is subject to full payment, and also for modular or topical registration, follow by email acknowledgement from SU-Sg · Scripture Union Singapore reserves the right the change of dates when necessary. For more information, please email Click here to register

Certificate of Christian Disability Ministry Module 3 (Registration is now opened!)

Our upcoming Module 3: Growing as One Body aims to supplement the learnings of the first two modules by providing volunteers and leaders of disability ministries with the necessary theological insight and know-how to effectively lead their ministry, as well as to pastor families with members with special needs. Here are the topics that will be covered in Module 3: 1. A Pastoral Theology of Disability 2. A Disability Ministry Roadmap 3. Pastoral Support for Special Families 4. Discipling People with Disabilities 5. Pastoral Issue 1: Coping With Diagnosis 6. Pastoral Issue 2: Sexuality 7. Pastoral Issue 3: Leaving a Legacy 8. Dialogue on Pastoring Families Trainers Profile: Pastor Leow Wen Pin is President of the Koinonia Inclusion Network, a parachurch organisation that promotes the inclusion of persons with special needs in churches. He is also Director of the Centre for Disability Ministry in Asia, and Lecturer in Biblical and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology. Lincoln Mao is the pastor at Bethesda Christian Centre. Together with his wife, Grace, he's been involved in ministry to adults with intellectual disability since 2013. One of his greatest joys, besides seeing lives changed by the gospel, is freshly baked sourdough bread in the morning. Yum! Grace Mao is part of the founding team of Jesus Club, a ministry for adults with intellectual disabilities. She recently completed her Masters in Divinity at the Evangelical Theological College of Asia and is currently working as the ministry worker for women and children at Bethesda Christian Centre. Sherlyn Quek is a qualified nutritionist for over 20 years and raises 4 children to arrest Singapore's falling birth rate. Her second son, Elliot was born with Down Syndrome 14 years ago and battled several medical challenges for the first 18months of his life. Sherlyn and family have embraced Elliot as a gift from God and she firmly believes that God has a purpose for him on earth. Chin Hsiao Yun has been working with individuals with special needs for over 20 years. She worked as a psychologist in AWWA School, a school catering to the needs of school-aged students with moderate to severe impairments, and is currently serving in Assumption Pathway School as a Senior Teacher (SEN). She is a mother of a 17-year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Peggy Chan currently oversees Trust Assets Planning and leads the Outreach arm of Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC). She has been facilitating a class for persons with special needs at St.John’s-St.Margaret’s Church since 2008 and is actively serving the parent support group. Dates: 6 and 13 March 2021 Time: 0900 – 1730 hrs Venue: Online via Zoom Fees: $175 (audit) / $225 (credit) To register, please click here NOTE: Attendance of the first Modules 1 & 2, while helpful, is not mandatory for attending Module 3. Salt & Light article on CCDM Module 1 Salt & Light article on CCDM Module 2

CCDM Module 2 – Sowing the Seeds of Faith

After the success of the first Certificate of Christian Disability Ministry (CCDM) module in August, 31 October 2020 saw the start of the second module in the CCDM programme. This second module, entitled “Sowing the Seeds of Faith: Including People with Special Needs in Christian Education”, had 44 participants –even more than the first module! The module began with a session on a “Theology of Sunday School” led by Pastor Leow Wen Pin, the President of the Koinonia Inclusion Network (KIN). Pastor Wen Pin challenged the participants to think carefully about what Christian Education was about – was it simply about transferring “head knowledge” about God and the Bible to students? To answer this question, Pastor Wen Pin directed the class to Ephesians 4:1-6, and argued that Christian unity and inclusion were the core goals of Christian Education. As such, persons with special needs should not be regarded as “obstacles” or “problems” in the Sunday school classroom, but rather, their very presence provided an opportunity for everybody to practise Christian love. Following this, the next session was led by Ms Teo Sue-Lynn, a psychologist who helped the class understand how to identify children with special needs in their classroom. For example, she pointed out that teachers often misunderstood behaviours characteristic of autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as being rude and lazy respectively. Instead, through a series of case studies, she helped the class recognise how to spot key signs and symptoms that were characteristic of more common disabilities. Thereafter, Ms Janice Ho, a paediatric occupational therapist and seminarian, helped the class to think about how to develop faith in people with special needs. She argued that there was a need to form a biblical culture of inclusion between parents, teachers, and children. She observed, “Faith practices at home must include allowing children a safe space to ask questions and time to process the information … We need to bring awareness of disability; [and] talk about inclusion and ways we can love children with special needs more.” Then, to round of the first day’s webinar, Mr Norman Kee, a lecturer at the National Institute of Education and an experienced trainer of special education teachers, took the class through a tour de force examination of how neuroscientific insights on disability could help Sunday school teachers better tailor their instruction for people with special needs. For example, he noted that persons on the autism spectrum were often “brainier” – that is, their brains were often enlarged in specific areas, which could lead to hyper sensory sensitivity or difficulties in managing their emotions. In this way, Norman provided much practical advice on how to teach children with special needs. The second day of the module (on 7 November 2020) began with a much-requested session on managing meltdowns by Dr Eunice Tan, the head of the special needs programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She explained the differences between temper tantrums and meltdowns, and laid out a practical approach for how to prevent meltdowns as well as how to manage them when they occurred. Participants were given time to practise what they had learned through group discussion of case studies in Zoom breakout rooms. Following this was an important session about how Sunday school teachers could partner with other stakeholders to improve educational outcomes for people with special needs. The trainers, husband and wife pair Bernard Chew and Chin Hsiao Yun (both special educators), challenged the participants to embrace empathy for families with children with special needs rather than giving token sympathy. Moreover, they sought to go beyond mere lip-service to the idea of inclusion. They challenged the participants, saying, “We live in a society that values knowledge and capability. We need to revisit these values. Every child is created by God. A human’s worth and dignity is given by God … [Therefore, when we think about inclusion, the question we must ask] is not: What do we have to give up if we were to include them? But rather, what do we lose if we do not include them?” A special highlight of the module was a dialogue session with three special needs Sunday school superintendents. This dialogue session was characterised by many practical insights drawn from the panelists’ many years of experience teaching people with special needs. For example, Mr Peh Eng Kiat, who leads the Rainbow of Hope ministry (a Sunday school ministry for persons with autism at Chapel of Christ our Hope), noted that sometimes Christians are too fixated about whether persons with intellectual disabilities can come to faith. Rather, he argued that “our job is not to convict. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. Our job [as educators] is to make an environment where Christ is clear.” Dr Dominique Phang, the chairperson of Ohana Ministry at Seng Kang Methodist Church, argued that inclusion meant treating everyone as family (“Ohana” means “family” in Hawaiian), and that meant developing a caring and inclusive church where “no one gets left behind”. Ms Grace Lim, who leads Jesus Club Singapore, cautioned the participants not to obsess too much about syllabuses and programming. Ultimately, she said, “we don’t serve ministries. We serve people.” The concluding session saw two trainers (Mr Reynard Lye and Ms Betty Lee) from Wesley Methodist Church’s Praise Special Community (a special needs Sunday school ministry) unpack their process of syllabus planning. They shared about both their struggles and success stories, and provided many concrete examples of how they adapted various classroom activities for each child’s learning needs to tailor the classroom to each child who was unique and precious. This was a fitting end to a rigorous yet enjoyable module which constantly focused participants on the inherent value and dignity of every single one of God’s children. Indeed, as Psalm 139:13-14 says: “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night 2020

Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night held on 3rd Nov 2020 saw a closely knit gathering of 33 friends of SU, comprising volunteers, companion countries, staff and Council. It was like family, as many were like-minded volunteers and friends of SU. Promptly at 7:45pm, each participant was warmly welcomed and greeted as they streamed into the ZOOM virtual platform. Our ND opened with a word of prayer and gave thanks to God for seeing us through a tough year. We then moved into a time of corporate worship singing “Worthy is the Lamb” led by Luke who was also our game master. Fun and laughter filled the atmosphere as everyone bonded through a Bible quiz. Vision 2021 sharing by Chairman Arnold Khoo: “SU has been a volunteer-led organisation. During this difficult time, it has allowed us to listen to what God is saying: to go beyond the boarders. With ZOOM, we can go into these neighbouring/regional countries (especially Indo-China) to conduct online sessions and run Sunday School online to engage them in a deeper way. Volunteers can come alongside and together reach out and bless these countries.” Sharing by Volunteers from Children’s Ministry: · Angela Wong (Monica’s mum) – Thanked SU for allowing her to serve and she has made many friends with fellow volunteers. · Soon Poh-Hoon – Gave thanks to God for the opportunity to serve and reminisce over her first time volunteering with SU at Sentosa. The training provided by SU, had equipped her to bless her church’s Sunday School and this is her way of giving back. · Khoo Sook-Neo – Our newest volunteer to SU, who gave an impromptu pitch on the divine set-up and how God had led her to volunteer with SU through a friend. She is thankful for being able to glean the “tricks of the trade” that Children’s Ministry has to offer. · Darius, our Council Secretary started as a SU volunteer. He has been serving in Children’s Ministry for 25 years. Similar to Poh-Hoon his first volunteering stint was at Sentosa. He gave an invitation to both the young and old, to come and be equipped with learning life skills while staying healthy and keeping active. Sharing by Volunteers from Youth Ministry: · After his education at a local Poly, Myron went to Malaysia to serve in a refugees camp before enlisting in National Service. When asked “Why did he choose to serve?” Myron’s response was “It is simple because God loves me. It is not just a desire but a responsibility. One of the things that has impacted me is whenever people ask me this question which I never think about, it gets me thinking. Over the past 2 years, God has allowed me to learn even more, as I serve; there is so much more to learn.” · Melanie is currently working and has been serving with SU since Secondary 2. She continues to serve because “we never know what God will reveal. It keeps us humble.” Wanting to serve is different from wanting to change the world. She looks forward to SU Youth Camps (her particular favourite was the Spartan Camp), where she can journey with campers and see them grow. · Our final sharing came from Chris Chan our SU Council Vice-Chair, who has a heart for Youths. He left us with these words “We can preach the Bible but they will not listen to us unless, as a volunteer we share our stories and what God has deposited into us. We do not look at platforms but into people’s lives.” In closing, ND gave a tribute to the late Mr Michael Leong for being an inspiration to everyone at SU where he had served 36 years. He was an exemplarily man of God who always encouraged us to “keep up the good work”! To all our volunteers, thank you for your passion, dedication and generosity. You have been a blessing to us and have touched many hearts!

Youth SU@CF Report: KFC outing

On 11th September 2020, one of our SU@CF groups Knights for Christ (KFC) headed for some fun in the sun at East Coast Park. After 2 hours of cycling, they chilled out at the beach front as Brother Luke shared a passage from Psalms 8:1,8-9. 1 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens. 8 the birds in the sky, and the fish in the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas. 9 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Everyone was encouraged to pick up something that spoke about God’s creation. Each of the students picked an object from the surroundings and shared their thoughts and reflections. The fellowship ended on a sweet note with ice-cream and lunch for all! ! Photos: Luke, Suzanne, Fuji, Thanosh, Vernon, Zoey and Ashur.

Testimony for SU Camp 2018

Back in 2018, I was invited by a friend to join this camp. At that point I was not yet a Christian and I didn't have any understanding on who God is; everything was completely new to me. Thankfully, I could bring along another close friend of mine to join the camp with me. It made everything less threatening. At the start of the camp, there were introductions and ice breakers that helped lighten up the mood for everybody. After that we were separated into our own individual groups with leaders in each. I remembered how nervous I was when I realised that my friend was in a different group. Looking back, it was clear that God wanted me to learn to be independent and mingle with other people. Towards the last day of camp, there was this praise and worship that deeply touched my heart unlike any I have ever attended. It was the first time I experienced how much Jesus loves me! I felt all sort of bondages in my life disappearing and finally, it seemed that my soul had found its home in the Father's arms forever. ~ Rene Lim, final year student from NAFA

SU International: A Global Resource

Most Scripture Union Movements are well known for distribution of Bible Guides and cards and some provide for free on-line Bible engagement. In some parts of the world Scripture Union also provides a range of other quality ministry resources in print and on-line. This includes curriculum for church based children’s ministry, children’s books, and other Bible resources. Visit the page for links to Scripture Union free on-line and emailed Bible engagement resources.

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